KZN Roofing Quality service and guaranteed workmanship

It’s spring! And we are also excited to share our new look with you. It may be a new look but our character hasn’t changed. Our vision and approach to ensuring that our clients are happy with our service remain the same. For 70 years we have been dedicated to giving our clients cost effective solutions to their roofing needs, whether on a personal scale or n industrial scale. We are yet to meet a challenge we can’t take on, and we have the client base to prove it.

Getter cleaning, roof cooling systems, bird proofing, chimney repairs, ceiling installations, servicing industrial gutters and more, we do it all without breaking your bank. Best of all we aren’t just limited to KZN but we are servicing the Western Cape as well.

As some guy somewhere once said: “The sky is the limit when you have a roof over your head”. It’s corny, we know. But it’s also true.  Let us help you reach your dreams

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